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You are passionate about starting a business, but still looking for the right idea? We have a number of exciting concepts with significant market potential in our pipeline and are constantly looking for skilled founders that take these concepts from product launch to market success.

If you would like to submit an executive summary presentation, please include information on:

  • Team
  • Market Opportunity
  • Product/Solution
  • Business Model
  • Competitive Environment
  • Go-to-Market Strategy

Please be as short and as precise as possible when writing your business plan.
Our contact details:

We are also looking for Entrepreneurs-in-Residence that use our extensive experience and network of partners to formulate their business idea. We expect these entrepreneurs to work for low or no salary for a couple of months, in order to obtain a significant equity stake in their future business.

We prefer generalists over experts and we expect a solid understanding of web and mobile applications. You should be able to work long hours and under high pressure, especially during incubation stage. If you feel this is something for you, please submit your CV and letter of motivation to